VR Haptics Technology

Gloves, Vests, Chairs

VR Force Feedback & Haptics Technology

Haptic devices provide tactile or force feedback to hands, torso, and other body parts to simulate interaction with objects in the virtual world.

Brand Model Price Type Technology Notes
Feel Three F3 TBD motion chair
Tactical Haptics Reactive Grip 3 hand grip 5 6
KOR-FX KOR-FX $150 vest wireless 6
Intellect Motion iMotion 3 hand controller wireless 6
Light & Shadows Senso 3 hand controller 5 6
Dexta Robotics Dexmo F2 3 hand exoskeleton 5 6
Aucta Technologies MOMNTM TBD TENS body electrodes wireless 6
Cyberglove Systems CyberForce 3 hand exoskeleyon 5 6
Novint Falcon 3 hand controller 5 6
Novint XIO TBD arm exoskeleton 5 6
Virtuix Hands Omni Glove TBD wireless glove 5 6

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